ALUS is hitting the road!

ALUS is hitting the road!

Come learn more about this program, how it could benefit you, and how it benefits the whole County!

The Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) program helps farmers and ranchers restore wetlands, reforest, plant windbreaks, install riparian buffers, create pollinator habitat and establish other ecologically beneficial projects on their properties.  What’s more, ALUS not only assists producers with establishment costs, it also provides annual payments to ensure the ongoing stewardship of each ALUS project.


Look for Brazeau County staff at the following events:

Guitars and Denim at the Drayton Valley Legion – Nov. 5/16

Open House/Workshop at the Lindale Community Hall – 7pm to 9pm – Nov. 8/16

Open House/Workshop at the Easyford Community Hall – 7pm to 9pm – Jan. 11/17

Open House/Workshop at the Funnell Community Hall – 7pm to 9pm – Mar. 9/17


ALUS applications are always welcome.  Contact the County at 780-542-2667, email us at:  or visit for an Expression of Interest form.