Brazeau County Course of Action in the Event of a Canada Post Work Disruption


Brazeau County Course of Action in the Event of a Canada Post Work Disruption


In the event of a work disruption at Canada Post, which can start at the earliest on August 29, Canada Post will not operate as usual.

In the event of a work disruption, Brazeau County will take the following course of action:



1.       Utilities bills will be processed and posted in early September. Bills will be emailed if customer requests and provides an email address. We will encourage residents to make their regular monthly payment via telephone or online banking or pay at the office.  Additionally, customers can sign up for direct debit. Utility bills will be mailed after the strike and penalties will be applied 30 days after mailing.

2.       Accounts payable invoices will be processed as they are received. Invoices should be emailed to or dropped off at the County Office. We will encourage vendors to sign up for EFT payments. We can email authorization forms and receive them back by email or fax. Alternately payments can be picked up at the County Office or couriered at the vendor’s expense.

3.       All herbicide rebate cheques will be held during a work disruption.

4.       Landowners will be required to come to the Brazeau County office to receive forms and information that might have otherwise been mailed.

5.       The Planning and Development department will continue to use newspapers for its legal notification requirement for bylaws and notification of issued permits. Residents are also encouraged to visit the County website and social media accounts for Planning and Development information.


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