Dead Rat Discovered

Brazeau County Receives Report of Dead Rat


Drayton Valley, Alberta, April 6, 2016 — At its meeting April 5th, Brazeau County Council received an update on the discovery of a dead Norway rat at the Country Style Mobile Home Park.


The dead rat was discovered in the park March 31st. The Provincial Rat Specialist and Brazeau County’s Agricultural Fieldman conducted a site visit; bait will be set and will continue to monitor the situation. No physical evidence of rats was found in the area. As such, the Rat Specialist indicates there is no major cause for concern.


The Province of Alberta operates a Rat Control program to keep the province free of resident populations of rats. Brazeau County’s Agricultural Services Division also assists to keep the County rat-free. For more information, contact Agricultural Fieldman Lisa Rabel at 780-542-7779. If you see a rat, please call 310-RATS (7287) or 310-FARM (3276).