February 26 Clean Energy meeting

During the February 26th Brazeau County Council meeting on clean energy, Council made a motion to organize a strategy meeting for policy and program development, as a result of the information received from the various delegations that presented throughout the day. The meeting, set for March 8th, will be a strategy session of Council with key stakeholders invited to attend.
Council heard presentations from various delegations, including Clifton Lofthaug from Enmax Energy, Mikhail Ivanchikov from Dandelion Renewables, Jacob Komar from Revolve Engineering and local Brazeau County residents, Rob MacIntosh and Heidi Swan. The engaging and informative presentations ranged from the benefits and economies of solar energy and energy-saving methods to geothermal energy and electric vehicles. The under-lying theme throughout all presentations was the importance of public education as it relates to energy efficiency and conservation as a means to not only save money but to reduce our overall carbon footprint.
Reeve Bart Guyon states, ‘while we need to keep an eye to the future and develop an encompassing program and policy, today’s focus is starting small scale to get something going and start to provide some cost-savings to our residents and farmers.’ Guyon further adds, ‘we received a great deal of valuable information today, now Council needs to roll up their sleeves and get busy developing a plan for our County.’