Fire Bans

Current Fire Ban Status is updated regularly.

Brazeau County is now under a "no fire ban."


A no fire ban occurs when the fire hazard in the area is low to moderate.  Wildfires do not readily ignite, unless from a more intense heat source such as lightning .  Weather and fuel conditions lead to low intensity and relatively easy to control fires.  However, caution should always be taken with any type of burning.  OUTDOOR BURNING IS PERMITTED ONLY WITH A FIRE PERMIT OR IN AN APPROVED FIRE PIT OR BURNING APPLIANCE. 

FIRE BAN (Definition) "Means a provincial ministerial order, Brazeau County CAO, or an order by a member of Brazeau County's Fire Chief's Office may at their discretion cancel any or all fire permits, prohibiting the lighting or requiring the fire to be extinguished."

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Fire permits are required year-round. Please complete and submit the fire permit application here.