Municipal Development Plan

Municipal Development Plan (MDP)


Work is getting underway with updating Brazeau County’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which sets the corporate wide direction on infrastructure, subdivision and land use control.  County staff asked big picture questions at the final round of Land Use Bylaw Open Houses in May and June asking what people love about their County.  Attendees were invited to grab a marker and tell the county what they thought.  A scratch wall was brought to the three open houses and was up in the County Hall lobby for several weeks.  Residents were encouraged to identify the most important issues Brazeau County should address in the future and while responses were slow at first, people began to add various statements showing the diversity of values and priorities held by County citizens.

Over the next year, Brazeau County will be continuing this conversation so Planning can update the MDP to align with various recreation, infrastructure, development and inter-municipal strategies including the Land Use Bylaw.  The project is just beginning and will finish with an updated plan presented to Council in mid-2017.  We want to build on the collaborative process used to update the Land Use Bylaw by hearing from a wide range of people throughout the MDP update process.

You can participate by taking part in our survey here.

The Municipal Development Plan  (MDP) is a long range high level planning document providing for efficient and sustainable growth. The MDP is a document developed with input from County residents, administration and external agencies and is approved by Council. The document is reviewed every 5 years to ensure it is relevant and up to date. Any citizen can apply to amend the MDP and a copy of the amendment application is available on this page.

Maps and Figures
MDP Figure 1 – Location
MDP Figure 2 – Current Transportation Network
MDP Figure 3 – Future Transportation Network
MDP Figure 4 – Future Land Use Strategy
MDP Figure 5 – Drayton Valley Fringe Area

Amendment Application
MDP Amendment Application


Every effort is made to keep up-to-date copies on the website. For the most current copy, please contact the Planning & Development Department.