Municipal Development Plan

Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

The Municipal Development Plan  (MDP) is a long range high level planning document providing for efficient and sustainable growth. The MDP is a document developed with input from County residents, administration and external agencies and is approved by Council. The document is reviewed every 5 years to ensure it is relevant and up to date. Any citizen can apply to amend the MDP and a copy of the amendment application is available on this page.

Maps and Figures
MDP Figure 1 – Location
MDP Figure 2 – Current Transportation Network
MDP Figure 3 – Future Transportation Network
MDP Figure 4 – Future Land Use Strategy
MDP Figure 5 – Drayton Valley Fringe Area

Amendment Application
MDP Amendment Application


Every effort is made to keep up-to-date copies on the website. For the most current copy, please contact the Planning & Development Department.